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I was born in 1983 in El Paso Tx. I was abandoned at the age of 4 and learned to fend for myself in the west Texas desert. It wasn’t until the age of 6 where a group of wild coyotes took me in their pack and taught me how to love and make art.
Like Jesus, my teenage years are lost and/or made up of me making my way towards India and Tibet to arm wrestle monks for lentil soup.
In 2004 I was blessed enough to be introduced to the craft of tattooing. I fell in love immediately and have never worked a day in my life. I approach every day, every tattoo like it’s my first and last tattoo I’ll ever do. The same intrigue and excitement of the first, and the same romanticism and love like it’s my last, because, who knows, those monks are still probably pissed about the lentil soups!

INSTAGRAM: @chrisdrtstattoo


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